Film Well, I'm glad someone has said something. Andrew Collins explains what's wrong with the BBC's new British Film Forever documentary series:
"In a clips show, which is what this is, and one that's part of a drive to get the audience to watch the associated films on the BBC and at Odeon cinemas, why give away the endings of the films? It's actually vandalism. In the first episode we found out the precise endings - and were shown clips of them - to Brighton Rock, Get Carter and countless others, including (and this was a real crime), London To Brighton, which only came out last year and on DVD this year."
That amongst so many other things. What the BBC seem to be doing here is aping the list format from Channel 4 without the list and then somehow managing to include even less intelligent sounding analysis. The only way I've manged to work my way through the Gangsters episode is to skip ahead through films I haven't seen which does seem to miss the point.

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