"I played with Willie Nelson, and now I'm just waiting for Detox" -- Monk, 'Monk'

Music Our Playground also wrote about their BBC Proms experience this year. Something in this post really chimed with me:
"On the side, I am finding myself contracting what can be called Proms Syndrome. Due to regular world class concert attendance lately, I have found work especially dull. I think my nerves were stimulated by such colourful music as Shostakovich, Buckner, Beethoven and Mahler, everything else just pales in comparison. At least this week, I can still go to the nightly Proms to get my daily dosage, what about afterwards? I should admit myself to a clinic of classical music detox programme?"
That's exactly what it's been like for me -- not so much work but everything. All of the things I used to do just seem less -- well less. The other night I finished reading a book about The Proms from the 1970s (not bad, too many lists) listening to Beethoven's Symphonies conducted by Simon Rattle and it was like taking caffeine having been off the stuff for a few weeks.

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