"I'm right and you're wrong." -- Mark Kermode

TV Film critic Mark Kermode discovers television. Mark has always had a reputation for not watching television and so The Observer asked him to watch the likes of The West Wing and The Sopranos and talk about what he found:
"I cheer myself up with Entourage, which is far more recent and reassuringly rubbish. The premise, as you may know, is that an up-and-coming Hollywood star is surrounded by a coterie of tiresome buddies, liggers and hangers-on, all of whom bask in his reflected glory. The style is flippant, vulgar and solidly unamusing. I don't care about, or believe in, any of these people. Every scene is structured around an ad-break and the entire venture seems aimed at viewers with the attention span of a gnat. It makes the dismal James Woods legal-eagle 'drama' Shark seem positively heavyweight in comparison."
What's perhaps most enthralling about it all is that Kermode has a habit of saying something contrary about a film which in the following weeks becomes gospel. Here, his analysis of these shows is exactly what people where saying about them five or six years ago.

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