"Give me one more night...." -- Phil Collins, 'One More Night'

Life This is a strange kind of limbo, the day before the end of the year, nearly a week since Christmas. I'm back at work come next weekend, so every day feels like it should count, I should be doing something really worthwhile, even though in the coming weeks I know I'd relish the chance just to be able to do nothing with a day other than watching BBC Shakespeare's Othello or listen to the Hot Fuzz dvds commentaries, read this, and moan at the news, as the world looks increasingly broken.

Right now I'm listening to 80s compilation LPs on my new turntable, which means music which regularly turns up School Reunion cds but in its original native crackly form. Right now, I'm on NOW 5, with a pig on the cover and Duran Duran's A View To A Kill as the opening track. This one has a surprisingly good strike rate in terms of longevity music , except for The Power Station's cover version of Get It On which is an electronic travesty. Predictably the Wikipedia lists them all with track listings. I haven't reached Steve Arrington yet.

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