Not Review 2007: Predictions

That Day That time of year anyway. Last year I decided to be very specific with my predictions. Let's see what happened shall we?

Bush forced to resign.
Clearly not. The man is staying at his desk until he has to be forcibly removed. Who'll replace him? Any democrat will do, although I think Hillary will just sneak in.

Blockbusters become less solvent. An increase in the popularity of art house type products. It'll be like the 1970s!
Actually I was half right -- PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP were appointed joint administrators of ChoicesUK plc ('ChoicesUK') on 22nd August 2007 (according to their ghostly website which is still talking up the release of Norbit). What'll I do with my membership card now? Given this was the summer of the threequel I think we can quietly skip over the last part.

People will watch even less television in a pronounced way.
Ratings are down across the board even in multi-channel homes. But I meant people would just stop watching television and do something less boring instead. Actually they're just watching other things and on-line more. To be honest, since The Proms, it's been more like I've been watching even less television in a pronounced way.

There will be a very unlikely celebrity marriage.
Does Billie Piper and one of the Foxes count? This wasn't really fair since there's always one or two and arguably, here's a page full of them. I didn't know Steve had married someone literally half his age.

My life is going to change in a big way. Again.
Well I'm working two jobs; no matches or hatches though.

So for the older version of me and to be a bit of a technologist:

The HD-DVD/Blue-Ray thing will be won by someone and the price of dvds is going to drop like a stone.

Broadband will get sorted out in the UK and it'll be much cheaper.

As will technology overall. A consumer laptop costing less than a hundred pounds will go on sale in supermarkets.

A UK blogger will break the biggest news scandal of the year.

RSS feeds will really go mainstream ...

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