Not Review 2007: Corrections and Clarifications

Errors In my review of the festive tv offerings I said:
"The limit is probably ITV’s Countdown to Midnight: Take That and Guests at the O2 Arena (the guests being the Sugababes) which we’re informed ‘includes a live countdown to the arrival of 2008’ which is about as ambiguous a phrase as these things can get (do they really expect us to believe that Gary and friends at the O2 gigging and not with their families?)."
Having reviewed the evidence -- well the concert during its umpteen repeats today across the ITV channels -- it really looks as though take Take That, the current Sugababes line-up, Kate Thornton and assorted people did indeed spend New Year on stage and in the O2 arena -- with footage being played in from the Thames and everything. Well done to them for that and to ITV for taking the trouble this year to do something other than show some film as they have in the past five odd years.

Additionally in my list of the best films of the year I suggested that Hot Fuzz was not as good as Shaun of the Dead, a statement I've now decided was wrong. It's at least as good as Shaun of the Dead. I spent Saturday night watching it with my parents who laughed from the minute Bill Nighy appeared on screen and didn't stop until the end credits where upon my mum described it as 'Brilliant' which probably made Christmas (amongst other things). They're even talking about watching it again so that they can see all the things they missed which is something I haven't heard from them about a film in ages. So yes, I was wrong about that too.

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