Life It's my parent's Ruby Wedding Anniversary. We're all still pretty ill around here (whatever it is has been dragging on for weeks) so we had a roast in. Having been around for thirty-three of those years, I don't know what they were like apart and although I hear odd stories, implications, I don't know if that's something I'd want to hear about. I'm curious, but I also know how important it is to have secrets sometimes, even from your only, sometimes lonely child. They'll have a weekend away instead, hopefully, when they're feeling better.

The Chinese State Circus is finally leaving tonight after providing ten days of noise from the park. Usually it's quite easy to get along with these temporary neighbours -- the music though loud is often tolerably nostalgic or in the realm of a guilty pleasure. This just seemed like a wall of noise twice a day (matinée and evening), loud enough even up here in the clouds to puncture my headphones. I of course failed to visit on ideological grounds, my version of a Tibet protest. Oh and the slightly critical review if got in the Liverpool Echo which said it was 'overblown'.

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    How long does a cold last ?!