Film Eight Films That Shouldn't Have Won Best Picture. Like Keith, about the only one I can wholeheartedly disgree with is The Return of the King. I found Mystic River to be worthy and dull and it would have been a great disservice if the academy hadn't acknowledged the achievement of The Lord of the Rings trilogy which somehow managed to have a very emotional, human even, story in the midst of all the usual special effects and fighting.

I was quite happy with the Titanic win at the time, but now I see that LA Confidential was robbed. I'm happy to say that I liked Crash too and thought it as good as the other films listed -- but that was a great year. Once I've seen No Country For Old Men though, I wonder if I'd be adding another year to the list. I still can't imagine its as entertaining as There Will Be Blood ('I've abandoned my son!' etc).

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