People It must be nearly April Fool's Day, The Guardian have published an interview with the latest it girl. Unlike Harmony Cousins, this one's real. Say hello to the lovely Alexa Chung:
"In person, she wears, not surprisingly, the glow of someone who has recently been handed the keys to the city. And, of course, she is stupidly beautiful. But there is also something pleasantly sprawling about her - the long limbs, the mussed hair, the estuarine straggle of her voice and all of the "likes" that spring up in her conversation like a virulent weed.
I keep bumping into Freshly Squeezed early in the morning, but the uneasy banter between Chung and whoever the co-presenter is that day just tends to make me nostalgic for Popworld under Miquita and Simon. I don't think Alexa is a bad presenter -- it's just that she's yet found the right format.

The Guardian have got something of a tradition of interviewing IT girls at around this time of year and this interview with Chung only seeks to underline how accurate their own parody was. Last year it was Jennifer Lopez, and before that the still shadowy JT Leroy; in 2006 we find IT-boy David Tennant. Actually, that's less of a trend than I suspected ...

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