Letters From Annette in the comments: "I had no idea you were an Amy Grant fan. And weren't you a little young to be listening to the thirtysomething soundtrack?"

Amy Grant: At least the crossover album listed though I do have some of her other lps somewhere. There was a concert on Radio One at the time which sounded less synthetic and that's probably the thing I really liked. It wasn't until I was some way into the obsession that I realised I was listening to Christian pop, which just goes to prove I've never really followed any particular genre rules. Imagine my surprise when Baby, Baby turned up on the soundtracks of both Mr & Mrs Smith and Harold and Kumar Get The Munchies/Go To White Castle.

thirtysomething: I was seventeen. I first heard it at my friend Tris's house, loved it and been listening to it on and off ever since despite having only watched the tail end of the final series, The track titles are fairly self explanatory and it's one of those rare occasions were the music works just as well away from the real thing. The whole piece rightly has a nostalgic, wistful quality but also a sense of fun and I just wish more of WG Snuffy Walden's score music was available (his soundtrack to mini-series adaptation of The Stand is breathtaking). Plus there's Ricky Lee Jones's rendition of It Must Be Love which has to be one of my favourite songs on the subject simply because of its matter of factness. I can't wait for the inevitable dvd release so that I can see where all of this music fitted in finally.

And from John: "I don't know exactly when I started reading your site, but I first borrowed a link from you back on 25 August 2001." Which as I pointed out to him wasn't even a month from when the blog started. I think he's the oldest reader. Unless you know different.

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  1. I liked Amy Grant. Every Heartbeat was a good song too, introduced by Nicky Campbell on TOTP as "she's a former gospel singer, and that's gospel. But this isn't."

    Not an inspiring intro by any means, but it's always stuck with me. Might have been the same episode where he did his final link naked except for a guitar.