links for 2008-08-02

Haiti: Mud cakes become staple diet as cost of food soars beyond a family's reach
My Dad says his Mum, my Gran used to say that a little bit of dirt won't hurt. But this is a bit ridiculous.

Spooks: Code 9 preview
I've various problems with this new BBC Three series but the main one is -- if it's set in the same universe as the other Spooks yet in the future and shows that every thing is going to be blasted to buggery then, doesn't that make the work of Harry and the team in the 'contemporary' show dramatically pointless since we know whatever they do everything is going to be broken anyway? Now I've another one. What exactly is going on with Georgia Moffet's hair?

What happens when you pour liquid nitrogen into a swimming pool?

Buffy: The Vampire Slayer: Animated -- The Unseen Pilot/Presentation
Brilliant, just brilliant. And funny and everything you'd expect. Why did this not go to series? Why? Why!?! Much what something else animated now. Ooh -- Transformers: The Movie.

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