Film Polls such as the latest from Empire Magazine are of course self-defeating project since asking a proper film fan to list their top ten films is at worst cruelty at most a case for Amnesty International's anti-torture squad (do they have one? I'd like to think so). Also, the top ten hasn't really changed in about ten years, with Star Wars and The Shawshank Redemption vying for the top spot and one of the Lord of the Rings films nibbling at their tail and it's always a boringly mainstream list with little room for something as magnificent as A Touch of Zen or The Limey. So I think I'm going to offer some curious choices which might have them scratching their head a bit in the office. Taking exclusively from my Forgotten Film list:

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Scott @ loveandgarbage said...

My own list (none of them forgotten, but I suspect unlikely to make the top of an Empire list)

1 Touch of Evil
2 The Third Man
3 A Matter of Life and Death
4 The Red Shoes
5 Dr Strangelove
6 The Conversation
7 Citizen Kane
8 Solaris (Tarkovski version)
9 2001: A space odyssey
10 A short film about love