Debbie Gibson, Liv Tyler, a sunflower and a hundred odd postcards

Life's Too Short For Bad Porn
Or life imitates art imitates an old episode of Friends. Not that I'm saying Friends isn't art. It is. That didn't work out well did it?

Mostly accurate, though I'm not sure why All The President's Men should begat Twilight Samurai and how When Harry Met Sally and The Divine Secrets Of The Ya-Ya Sisterhood are at all similar.

I never participate in the creation of The Human Wall.
Every single day in Liverpool where most pavements on the edges of roads aren't that big, so it only takes a couple of people to create a log jam. And it's amazing how unaware they can be as they stroll along with you stepping back and forth behind looking for a gap. The only recourse is to say "Excuse me" just loud enough that you don't embarrass yourself or them. Unless they're being complete cretins in which case it's just the former which is important. Why can't people by more like Tusken Raiders who travel "in single file to conceal their numbers"?

"I was introduced to him and I thought to myself, if that's Francis Rossi, he's turned ginger, shrunk a bit and grown more hair."

A League of One's Own
Stephen Gallagher wrote an episode of Rosemary and Thyme?!?

Two Bucks a Dance
"In bailarina bars, you can rent a girlfriend by the song. For $40, she’ll sit with you for an hour. For $500, she’s yours for the evening. That’s when the relationship gets complicated."

Nirvana's Nevermind baby recreates famous image
The poster of this cover was one every blokey student's wall in my university halls during the 90s. Except for mine, for I of course had Debbie Gibson, Liv Tyler, a sunflower and a hundred odd postcards.

"With all the time you saved go do something more useful and move your career forward."
... the sales pitch for software which robotically posts to discussion boards and social communities promoting your music, heroically missing the point of reaching out to fans.

Somewhere between Barack the Vote and Nobama lies Baroque Obama.
Because some puns keep on giving.

Our First Nerd President
The President-Elect visits Metropolis

Callie Shell - Obama
Look like production stills from The West Wing. Which is apt.

Obama & Science
Gia's encouraged by some of his proposals. So am I, especially the section about separating choices in science related legislation from religious belief or as they put it: "government decisions should be based on the best-available, scientifically-valid evidence and not on the ideological predispositions of agency officials or political appointees."

09 Feb 2009
Release date for Lily Allen's next album, It's Not Me It's You. I know Allen has become someone it's fashionable to knock these days, but Alright, Still is alright, still.

A History of Microsoft Windows
Looks like I'll be skipping a generation, at least at home. Vista reminds me too much of the screenshots which would appear on the back of 8-bit computer games in the eighties, fabulous looking, but when you actually load them totally unplayable. With things like that 3D application selector it's the operating system version of those TV remote controls 80% you'll never use.

Toshiba showcases world's first 'timesculpture' advert
Startling. It does indeed use 'bullet time' but localises the effects to different parts of the construct.

Worlds within worlds
In which novelist Jeff Mariotte talks about setting his new Spiderman book earlier in Marvel's continuity so that Peter & MJ are still married. Smells like revolution is afoot. I'm surprised the Bullpen hasn't been stormed already.

where the things in Cloverfield happen
You've probably seen this already, but I just wanted to comment. 'Ill'? I know this is one of those 'bad means good' derivations and a development of 'sick' but when I see this kind of thing it makes me feel about a hundred years ill. Do people still say 'sound'?

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