It probably needs hitting with a mallet.

Words I discovered a new bit of slang today.

Percussive Tuning

(action) Hitting uncooperative machinery in the hopes of repairing it

Me: "This printer never works."
Them: "It probably needs some percussive tuning."
Me: "It probably needs hitting with a mallet."
Them: "Same thing."

That'll be my first submission to the Urban Dictionary then.

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  1. It reminds me of the story about the plumber who, when called in to fix a boiler, hit a pipe with a mallet and charged the homeowner £100. The homeowner took issue and said he thought hitting a pipe with a mallet was worth no more than £1. The plumber amended the bill to read "Hitting pipe with mallet - £1, Knowing where to hit pipe - £99".