feeling fairly fuzzy

I've been feeling fairly fuzzy today, one of those lingering lethargic lapses which causes people to say "There's something going around". I spent the afternoon tucked up in bed with this (which was fabulous) and instead of watching this tonight as planned (I'm not in the mood) I think I'll be watching this (in that kind of mood). I still have a few unimaginative questions though:

Was Sally Sparrow from Doctor Who's Blink named for this sitcom character?

Could It Happen Again?

Have you ever heard this? It's fabulous. There's an amazing moment were Patrick Moore and Nicky Campbell beat up an alien and features the credit "Dannii Minogue - Special alien effect"

Is Torchwood that popular in the US?

Will they survive the Obama presidency?

How come this is happening to me and I don't even live in the US?

Can we see this now? Please?

Can Heroes be saved?

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