I did! I am!

I had my night planned, I really did. And then my web connection seemed to be downloading without a reason. Last time this happened it was because of some malware malarky and for an hour and half I scratched my head, did file searches, virus checks, backed up files in preparation for another reinstall of windows. It wasn't a virus, it wasn't malware. It was the BBC iPlayer or more specifically its download manager Kontike still working and fetching even when the BBC software is closed. Never mind Sachsgate, who do I complain to about this?

The Popdose 100: Our Favorite Singles of the Last 50 Years
Great songs all though it's fairly chauvinistic, with no room for Alanis, Carole or Joan B. Joan A and Aretha are there but I suspect my own list would be almost the opposite and include much music they've never heard of.

Cafepress launches in the UK
I'm very tempted to merchandise the blog. How would you feel about walking around in a t-shirt with 'feeling listless' printed across the front in the Verdana font?

The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade
I know I'm linking to Kat's blog again, but its been one of my favourite reads lately and it's still my party. Here, she makes me entirely envious as she holds the rope for one of the balloons.

Doctor Who book cliches
If tonight's episode of The Sarah Jane Adventures proved anything, it's that if you're a fan of a franchise you'll see the same ideas and plots float around time and again. It's particularly true of spin-off media with the same beats even re-occuring in novels and audio plays published in the same month making you wonder if the authors consulted with the editor, let alone each other.

Presto Pizzazz Pizza Oven
Rotates your frozen pizza under a grill so that it cooks evenly all the way round. You'll never have to eat healthily again.

Red Button Britten, Carols for Breakfast and Bakewell's Belief among the Christmas highlights on Radio 3
No round the clock blast of a particular composer this year, but the Milton and Puccini seasons should well make up for it. As you know, there are sections of Paradise Lost I like very much indeed. I wonder how that film version is coming along.

Dave Gorman's having difficulty with his postman
Ours has been very good lately though he did get a bit shirty the other day when he had to deliver yet more Amazon parcels. "You're popular" he said.

'This competition'
Five Centres was at The X Factor the other night. Of course she mimed. Have you heard this? What happened to this voice?

If you laugh at any one of these Christmas cards, you are officially a geek
I did! I am!

BNP vs. anti-BNP in Liverpool
Amazing on the spot photos of the ruckus in the city centre on Saturday. I was working, so missed all of this, but it looks as though the BNP got more than they bargained for.

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