Time to break out the Boney M!

The Independent: Hallelujah! Competition for yule No 1
I know that all of this is a corporate endeavor and much of money will be going to the same record company, but I could certainly get behind a campaign that sees the Jeff Buckley version of this at number one, ahead of The X-Factor, if only to rest control of what was once a great British institution from the Saturday night advertising machine. I've just bought a copy from Amazon's new Mp3 shop which was a surprisingly painless experience.

cauliflower gratin
Made using what looks like the Star Trek equivalent of vegetables. Purple? Resulting recipe looks like blueberry cheesecake.

The Guardian: Twittersphere in shock as Tony Benn reveals he's never even heard of Twitter...
I watched him talking to many of the people I follow all evening. I put the errors down to a lack of proficiency with a keyboard, but on reflection it didn't sound like him. But then, how many of us actually do online?

Archives.org: Congress Establishes Thanksgiving
A bit late, I know, but fascinating nonetheless (save it for next year). For two years, two different dates were used for the celebrations at different ends of the US.

Shelf Abuse - Or How To Organise Your DVDs
Another excellent post from the Empire blog. I have everything I've recorded from television in chronological order based on when they're set -- which means that they're in rough genre order -- and everything else is fairly random. I try to keep some directors together and film series but other than that, it's Dawn of the Dead next to Empire Records next to Sense and Sensibility. Works for me.

Meanwhile, the captcha for this post in blogger is:

Which, I think is the first time I've seen a proper word. Time to break out the Boney M!

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