more like the tutting noise Death makes

Life There goes another one. I was downloading some podcasts this afternoon and the monitor I had on loan went dark and began to make a spooky clicking noise, not quite tick of a clock, more like the tutting noise Death makes when he’s missed the mark and hit some electrical equipment instead. I unplugged the screen, plugged it back in, turned it off and left it for a while returned and still nothing but the tiny mocking tut, tut, tut.

I’ve already been looking at new monitors, something I could tragically call my own. Knowing almost nothing about peripherals (or, I fear, how to spell that) I’ve gawked at Amazon, glance around Currys and flicked through the pages of the Argos catalogue. Tonight I ended up walking the aisles of Comet trying to look serious, like I knew what I was looking for when really all I cared about was whether I could screw an S-VGA cable in the back.

I’m now in the possession of a LG Flatron W2234S 22” LCD widescreen monitor.

I suspect when my Dad sees it he’ll tell me that I’m sitting far too close, but I don’t think these things can make you go blind these days. It’s 1600 by 900 (ish), so literally widescreen and suddenly everything on screen is bigger and I can’t quite get used to all of the extra room and the ability to see two different applications clearly next to one another at the same time. It’s slightly bigger than our lounge television and whereas I used to have to squint at the other beast, everything I’m typing here is crystal clear.

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