"It's not a significant bullet."

Film Mark Kermode interviews Werner Herzog at the BFI and it's as comprehensive as you'd expect:
"I've never been out for the Guinness Book of World Records for doing something wild here and something even wilder after that. But I always had the feeling that this was going to be a film which had to do with gravity, something that burdens us. Not only physical gravity – I do not like gravity, I would love to fly, and many of my films have to do with flying. So I would like to have a certain levity, and I would like to defy the laws of nature, of gravity."
Inevitably also mentions "It's not a significant bullet" which I never grow tired of hearing about. Herzog recollects in this shakey camera phone footage:

And here's the incident itself. Note that Herzog's actually describing how people don't care about his films any more just before the bullet hits:

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