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250th Burns Night, originally uploaded by Janet 59.

Happy Burns Night! It's always comforting to know that no matter how boring life can be sometimes, there's always a special day named after your probable ancestor and so therefore probably you -- or in this case me. I always to joke Fani (she's from Greece) that I'm the only one of her British friends to have a name day too...

Orla Kiely at Target
For a while I thought my perfect woman would have just this taste in fashion. (thinks) That may not have changed. Oh my...

Let's Rate the Ranking Systems of Film Reviews
Star ratings are entirely nebulous. A score out of ten is much clearer presumably because of the wider number of increments. Rotten Tomatoes is relatively infallible and since it included a wide spectrum of critics the pack mentality of the A-listers tends to be balanced out. I suspect Louise Keller the Urban Cinefile saw some parallel universe version of Woody's Cassandra's Dream were it was actually good.

Gwyneth and the big beast of American cooking
Did anyone else see the Movie Connections episode about Sliding Doors on the BBC the other night? Gwyneth said it was the happiest time she's spent on a film set.

Guardian Gives Shape To Obama’s Words

On The Guardian's Obama coverage: "There is also to be a contribution from Alan Kitching but, as I write this, G2 art director Richard Turley has just emailed to say “we just received the Alan Kitching but it’s still wet (!) so can’t be scanned….. not sure what we’re going to do about it yet other than send the work experience into the toilets to hold it under the hairdryer… guess that demonstrates the kind of timescales we operate to in newspapers."

TachyonTV's Twitter feed
"Easter Island Tourist Board reported to be "ecstatic" over Matt Smith casting"

Would You Do That If Barack Obama Was Watching?
Yes! No! Oh wait ...

Presidential punctuation
Where a single character makes all the difference.

‘Heavens woman, yesterday was 24 hours ago!’
"An ex-KGB spy has bought the Evening Standard. If only this were 1969, not 2009…"

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