Woody Allen's film Scoop

Film For those of you who still care about such things, the one that got away or rather failed to get a theatrical release in this country, Woody Allen's film Scoop will receive its British première on BBC Two next Saturday night, 7th February at 10:45 pm (Radio Times listing ). More entertaining than Match Point and better made than Cassandra's Dream, it's worth seeing for the cast, which includes Scarlett Johansson, Hugh Jackman, Ian McShane, Charles Dance, Romola Garai, Fenella Woolgar, Julian Glover, Victoria Hamilton and just for a change, Woody himself.

I was generally quite positive about it:
"The performances too are often theatrical but not necessarily in a bad way -- bucking the latest trends, everyone is in a character role. Johansson surprisingly reproduces the younger Allen avatar previously essayed by the likes of John Cusack and Jason Biggs, almost copying Woody tick for tick and often displaying excellent comic timing -- if they don’t always quite gel it's because Allen usually works best when he’s against a 'straight' person and I don’t know that he’s ever found anyone quite as good as Diane Keaton. Hugh Jackman just about works as an aristo, giving his British accent another airing. But it is Ian McShane who steals the show making such an exquisitely oily impression as the hack that you spend much of the film hoping for his re-appearance.."
I imported the film from Scandinavia last year since it's not even appeared on UK DVD despite being co-funded by the BBC. This might be your only chance to see it, unless in the wake of Vicky Christina Barcelona (which presumably also prompted this broadcast) someone has a change of heart...

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