Life Annette visited Liverpool yesterday. She wanted to see as much of the city as possible and I think we probably did. Both of the cathedrals, Penny Lane, my old school, Picton Clock (all site/sights covered then), the Cavern that isn't really the Cavern, the Albert Dock, Liverpool One, the Banksy, Chinatown, Ye Crack, St Lukes and the Everyman Bistro, and passing through on the bus, where I live and both universities.

It is quiet a while since I walked the city in such a concentrated way, certainly since before the building projects transformed some sections of it so unutterably. Liverpool is deceptive. It seems much larger than it probably is. As we trailed about, every now and then we could see somewhere we'd already walked as streets criss-crossed each other and seemed to turn in on one another like a Escher drawing. Even so, in places, it felt as though I was visiting my own city for the first time; luckily, the massive landmarks, the cathedrals, St John Beacon, Liver Buildings were constant reminders of were we where.

Nevertheless, I realise now how tied up my biography is with the touristy areas of the city (which sounded less obvious in my head than it does now on the screen). I was born in a building not far from the catholic cathedral. All over the place I could point to places I'd studied and worked to the point that I felt like I was live-blogging (and not this kind) or most likely live-boring. I apparently know more about my own city than I thought I did, and we apparently have more Costa Coffees and Tescos than I thought. Why do Tesco seem to own half of the city now?

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