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New Natalie Imbruglia music has begun turning up online, or more precisely YouTube, where bootlegs from her new album are appearing with some abandon. I'll save judgement until I've heard the completed version, but the wait since 2003's Counting Down The Days has been far too long (and notice how I managed to avoid the obvious joke there). She might have begun with a cover version (original included here) and that's still probably the song she'll continue to be known for (that and playing Beth in Neighbours) but I've yet to meet anyone who's given a bit of time to those later albums and haven't been pleased.

Find above a recreation of the greatest hits collection using tracks which share the same title, with some creative license here and there. I tried to find some things which share the mood of Imbruglia's songs, but just aren't. Admittedly it's not all good. The David Weckl Band track sounds like the kind of stuff knocked together by the Radiophonic Workshop in the Eighties for sitcoms when the characters visited a wine bar or club and the producers were unwilling to license the proper stuff. And here's what Spotify has to say about the not terrible, Platinum selling, Taxiride:
"Australian harmony quartet Taxiride distance themselves from the choreographed dancing vocal "boy bands" of their time, seeing themselves stylistically more as an updated version of Crosby Stills Nash and Young, but definitely a band rather than a group of individuals.
My italics. For contrast:

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