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Although at times I must have been somewhere in the area, Groupie-ism really passed me by. I don’t think it’s ever really been a male thing (although I heard that a middle age man changed his name by deed pole to ‘Status Quo’ and followed them around on tour), not in that way.

Watching ‘Almost Famous’ and the various films which have been made about The Beatles hysteria, I do see what I missed. There is a definite kinship between groupies, a kind of unconditional love for these quasi-fantasy figures, without all of the religious strings attached. Like a 24 hour rock concert with extra passion and heartache.

The closest I think I’ve ever got to the feeling was a few years ago during the ‘Deacon Blue’ comeback tour. Two thousand people, packed into a small theatre belting out the songs CD track word perfect to the point that the band themselves seemed merely to be offering backing vocals. I think it might well be one of my most cherished memories. So perhaps it isn’t too late . . . ‘Alicia’s Attic’ are back around . . .

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