I've had the following idea

Life In my ongoing effort to do something, I've had the following idea:

Researcher/Curator at large

Researching and writing didactic/explanatory/educational texts for places that can’t afford to have someone in a full time post doing same.


Art galleries without time to write explanatory labels.
Film festivals requiring publicity text.
Theatres needing material for programmes.


Never tied down.
Horrendously interesting.
Plays to my strength of having a good working knowledge of a range of random curiousities.
Requires lots of what I like to do most, reading/watching/listening, writing and thinking.
Meet loads of new people.
Project-by-project basis so goal orientated, something I thrive on.


Never tied down.
Freelance – tricky accountancy/tax issues.
Never permanent, project based, no job security.
Difficult to quantify price to charge without a track record.
May not even exist as a profession.
How do I broach the subject?


  1. Sounds like a freelance copywriter to me. Looking at your downsides, the accountancy/tax issues are worth confronting anyway, they're a fact of life as a freelancer so you might as well get your head round them now, a useful skill to have.

    'Never permanent...no job security', true, it's probably something you'll have to develop alongside other less desirable, more stable work.

    'How do I broach the subject?... no track record' - find some worthy subjects to do free project work for and build a portfolio.

  2. Thanks for putting a name to it.

    This requires some more thought.