links for 2009-06-06

  • Retro fun. Hurt me plenty.

  • To test a new Spotify feature, playlist posting to Delicious. Also wanted to highlight a very remarkable boxset which pulls to together music and news clips, including early Obama.

  • Compulsive viewing then, redundant now. Nice catch up with the original 'cast' though only Anna and Nick were willing to talk. "Sada Walkington was last heard of waitressing in Earl's Court." etc.

  • What does God need with a starship, indeed.

  • Fairly good defence. There's nothing particularly bad about the film, assuming you're quite happy for Spock to have secret half-brother (and where was he in the Abrams view of the Roddenberryverse?). Perhaps, as the writer here suggests, people were harsh about the movie because they thought it was the last time they'd be seeing these characters. I don't imagine the same re-evaluation for Nemesis.

  • The largest word is 'people'. Muslim and muslims appear almost as much as America and world. 'Must' is very prominent as is 'peace'. It's almost as though his speechwriters fed it through Wordle before he gave it just to check that the balance was just right.

  • Crumbs, I'd forgotten about the Jo Whiley chatshow. And Macy Gray.

  • ... and becomes Tom Tortoise from Adam & Joe's Toy Review. But somehow, we'd be disappointed if he'd actually liked it and hadn't thought it boring and tedious.

  • Sample: "Have you asked him?" "I've given my answer and the answer I'm giving."

  • "Seriously. I own a copy of Lost Girls. Under the new laws, that makes me a criminal. God only knows what that makes Alan Moore."

  • For the title. I mean really.

  • I don't agree with the assessment of Kim Walker in Heathers. My French film tutor always reminded us that films are not reality and that some elements of plot and character exist and meant to work purely on a symbolic/structural level. As Marc says, she's: "the catalyst, a bitchy, insecure alpha female catalyst to push Winona Ryder and Christian Slater together and then apart" in which case as a supporting character she's a function of the story, the villain, so she doesn't need to have "depth, real emotion or moral ambiguity". It's not that kind of film.

  • Marina Hyde suggests that Caroline Flint is in the process of gaining backing to become a unity candidate against Gordon Brown. I've not read this anywhere else, it's probably speculation, but it would make sense, and would at least be entertaining. I've just read that not too long ago she was backing Hazel Blears (whose campaign she ran for deputy-leader) and saying that she should not be sacked. But at this point, anything Flint said pre-resignation is a bit suspect ...

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