how many people are reading this blog?

About Well, then, um, ah, wow. Creative Tourist, Manchester's guide for the creative tourist has put together a top 25 list of UK Arts and Culture blogs. The list includes the likes of Charlotte Higgins in The Guardian and other national journalists, The FACT blog and Art In Liverpool. It's really solid, really quite brilliant expression of culture blogging around the country. Except:
2. Feeling Listless
A surprise high entry for this independent blog from Liverpool that has been running since 2000. Feeling Listless covers every aspect of culture from arts and museums to politics and film
You're surprised? I nearly fell off my chair. How many people are reading this blog? The reason I ask is because this isn't just a pick a quarter of a hundred at random exercise. As they describe:
To get to our final list of 25, we used a number of different measures to assess the popularity of a blog. These include Technorati and Yahoo inlinks, Bloglines citations and the number of Google readers a blog has. Initially, we also included Alexa data (to assess site traffic) but as Alexa only counts from the top-level domain (e.g. ‘’ rather than the URL of one of the Guardian blogs), we considered that this would give blogs like those run by the major newspapers an unfair advantage. We then used an algorithm to combine the various criteria and give an overall scoring for each blog.
So again I ask, how many people are reading this blog? I know the phrase silent majority is a testy one to use on this day in particular, but who are you all?

Hello everybody.


  1. Jeez. You should start charging to advertise!
    I suppose all your Twitter links to yourself don't hurt ;-)

  2. I don't think they count. Do they?

  3. That's great! Feeling Listless is such a great, consistently insightful and interesting place to visit. Keep up the good work!

  4. Wow, that's great news. Congrats!

  5. That's awesome mate, congrats on the recognition.

  6. If it would help, we could all count "one" and you could add them all up and find out...

  7. Blimey, well done you! Well deserved if I may say so.

  8. While I am not surprised because your blog is brilliant I have to ask:
    Surely you've installed some sort of analytics to see your reader stats, where your readers come from, and what posts they read most?
    You have, haven't you?
    Just in case...
    Oh, and are you registered on Technorati and Icerocket so you can see who links to this blog, among other things?
    And see this egg? You have to take one grandmother and...
    I'll shut up now. Congratulations Stu!

  9. Hello. Thanks everyone. Blushes to the point of requiring hospital treatment.

    I do have sitemeter and technorati and this magic live traffic feed:

    But none of those analytics seems to reflect my position on that list, and something of what they used. Which is why I was so surprised. As were they.