the mystery third voice

Music About five minutes ago, Keisha from the proper Sugababes tweeted:

"Hold up a sec.... ha ha ha ha ha what the hec.... Where and what is this "Low" track about?... Ive never recorded that song??!!!..."


"I think some1 has taken my vocals from an old song on the "One touch" album, or a demo and placed it on this "low" track..."


"Sooo weird LMAO....The song is a no no & who the hec is the 3rd person singing?! Ha ha Calling mutya 2morrow 2 see if im going nuts lol"

"My mum thinks its a demo from when we were 14....Errrr why cant i remember it?!!! ha ha ha ha.. Still in denial until i see evidence mate!"

Engage YouTube. Search for "keisha low" and ...

Having listened to it couple of times:

(a) How about Keisha referring to One Touch? For a good long while the approach to that album was fairly Stalinistic.

(b) It's very good. Certainly better than anything on the Sugababes's last two albums

(c) If indeed it is a hack job from an old demo, it's very well done

(d) Who is the mystery third voice? The video claims it's not Siobhan or Heidi though the former's voice has changed a bit in the interim. It could be an unsigned vocalist wanting to get her voice out there and being stealthy about it

(e) Perhaps the mysterious YouTube user luke2509 knows. I've googled his username and he's a fairly big Sugababes fan. This discussion board reveals that he also uses the handle LUkiBOi! but there are loads of different people with that name. Curiously it appears on this image which leads to this blog which I really don't understand.

(f) If they're anywhere near the copyright holder, K & M and S (if they have the talk) should record and release it forthwith.

(g) Though to be honest it's probably just a leaked demo from an earlier album. Taller In Many Ways perhaps? In that case it's the proper Sugababes's equivalent of Free As A Bird the late release from The Beatles.

Update! Digital Spy are copy/pasting from the newspaper who's name I shall not mention that Siobhan is considering the reunion. It's probably rubbish, but never mind Sugafree, if this happened, a more logic group name would be Pwnd. I should add that I've nothing against the various members of the groups and potential groups, (get well soon Amelle) but a frustration with the management team that they let it get this far ...

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