a Doctor's demise

TV Just when I thought I'd read everything there was to say about Doctor Who's The Waters of Mars, I find a brilliant paragraph like this one:
"You know what would have made that even better for me? If just before Lindsay Duncan went into her house to kill herself, she had casually turned around on her doorstep and shot the Doctor first, so that he had died a banal death all alone in the snow, instead of whatever OTT whistles-and-bells everything-but-the-kitchen-sink guest-starring-EVERYONE-who-has-ever-been-in-Who-EVER Messianic exit is lined up for the Christmas Special. Man, that would have been BLEAK. But that's just my preference."
Which is brilliantly bleak, I'm sure you'll agree and would have really been a surprise. Thing is, we've already seen that ending, at least we've seen a Doctor's demise which is very similar. After crashing through time and space bending it to his will for three years on tv and six years in the Virgin New Adventures, the Seventh Doctor pitched up in San Francisco (or Vancouver doubling for San Francisco) and this happened:

Even he deserved a better send off than that ...

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  1. I still don't know what to expect from the last one. Until the end of WoM I was fearing another Last of the Timelords/Doomsday/Generic Random Apocalypse episode from the last two, but the end of WoM suggested something far more intriguing.

    Of course, I'm probably wrong. I'm just hoping they don't do that standing-up regeneration again - every regeneration should be different!