gravitating to the green

Architecture While I was in Stratford on holiday, each evening I'd somehow end up gravitating to the green outside the Swan theatre at Stratford-Upon-Avon, sitting against the hoardings that hid the work being carried out on its redevelopment inside. I'm fascinated to finally be able to read about that work, and the sensitivity of the architects to the theatre's aims:
Elsewhere the job, although complex, has gone relatively smoothly. The viewing tower presented its own challenges and the RSC’s desire to leave the old bits of the building, including graffiti, exactly as they were caused some raised eyebrows.

“It’s quite a shock to us to leave stuff unfinished,” says Court. “The guys want to do things perfectly and can’t understand it has to be left as it is. But once they got used to the idea they were quite proud of it.”

He adds that they also enjoyed the job, and that Wilson has made a big effort to make workers feel valued, even hosting barbecues and pig roasts. And as this is the RSC, treats have included performances in the temporary theatre nearby and drinks with the cast.

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