in-between age

Commerce I love M&S (or Marks & Spencers in old money). It's one of the few shops I still feel a slight tingle about as I walk through the front door, especially if it's at the food department. In fact if there is something right about the chain these days it's that you can always find something tasty to eat or drink.

The problem, as Elizabeth Day identifies, is that there's so much in store that it can be a little bit overwhelming. The Mens clothing department in particular can be difficult to navigate because it's on a label by label basis which means that you have to go to five different parts of the shop to look at coats. Then another five for trousers and so on.

I appreciate that different labels are trying to cater for different markets, but with our mix and match post-modern approach to culture, all I really want is a comfy coat, comfy shoes, and half decent pair of shoes. Wouldn't it make more sense to have them all split up and displayed together? Or is that too old-fashioned? Or is it just that I'm at that in-between age when everything looks like a viable option?

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  1. I found a very comfy coat in a charity shop (help the aged) it cost a lot less than M&S stuff (I think it was from there originally).