a good thing

Journalism Really funny, excellent little video discussion between Marina Hyde and Charlie Brooker on the subject of writing columns for The Guardian which apart from anything else demonstrates that they agonise about their writing as much as I do, which is comforting. I too have taken out jokes because I know I've gone too far and spent hours just trying to get the words to sit in the correct order to the point of desperation. It's the first time I seen Marina Hyde talking for any great length of time and she's exactly how I expected (which is a good thing by the way).

Update! 10/11/2009 The full interview is up though the bit rate should take out a whole chunk of a capped web connection. I've emailed and asked if they wouldn't mind putting up an audio version. Never know.

Update! 11/11/2009 Matt from The Guardian has emailed back to say a podcast of the interview will be available later in the week at this page.

Update! 11/11/2009 The audio has been posted. That's what I call good service.

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