a slimmer paper

Journalism The Observer's rationalisation plans have been released:
"Guardian News & Media's redesigned Sunday title will have four weekly sections – news, sport, an expanded Review section and the Observer magazine – and the award-winning glossy supplement Observer Food Monthly. The other three supplements, Observer Sport Monthly, Observer Music Monthly and Observer Woman, will close. Business and personal finance coverage will move into the main news section of the paper, while travel coverage will be incorporated into the expanded Observer magazine."
I never read the Sport Monthly so that's no great loss to me but I did enjoy the Music Monthly, especially the columns. Presumably the expanded review section will simply hoover up this kind of material which could at least mean it's more current. I never could quite understand the point of running lengthy reviews of some LPs in both the magazine and the supplement. All in all, I'd much rather have this than no Observer at all. Plus at least with a slimmer paper there's more of a chance to get around the whole thing.

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