whatever Ruth Wilson's been in

Radio Fans of Doctor Who and whatever Ruth Wilson's been in might like to know that Wilson, Russell Tovey and Harry Lloyd offered a three hander in tonight's Drama on BBC Radio 3 which was The Promise by Aleksei Arbuzov. A synopsis:
"As Russians fight off the Nazis in the savage 1942 siege of Leningrad, three teenagers are thrown together in a war-torn apartment block. Having lost everything, they forge relationships that bind them together and a new hope that keeps them alive - the promise of a better future."
Which sounds uncannily like Being Human if you age the characters slightly, put them in a house instead of a flat and replace the siege of Leningrad with vampires wanting to take over the world. So probably not at all, in fact. I've not had a chance to listen to all of the broadcast yet, but so far the performances are first rate. Should be available for a week at the iplayer. And in case you were wondering ...

Who's In It From Doctor Who?

Russell Tovey portrayed Titanic Midshipman, Alonzo Frame in Voyage of the Damned.

Harry Lloyd played Jeremy Baines in Human Nature and The Family of Blood.

Who's In It But Hasn't Been In Doctor Who (yet)?

Ruth Wilson played Young Mary in Capturing Mary and will soon be seen as 313 in The Prisoner remake.

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