Except for readers in Scotland ...

Journalism I'm not entire surprised by this. The Daily Express has begun a campaign to stop the imminent clock change in the UK:
"THE Daily Express today launches a crusade to stop Britain being plunged into early evening darkness every autumn.

The Time for Change Crusade would give us an extra hour of daylight in the evening all year.

Prime Minister David Cameron said last night he would “look at” whether Britain should turn the clocks back each year.
Except for readers in Scotland where a completely different spin is being put on the story and there's no apparent campaign:
"DAVID Cameron sparked fury yesterday as he agreed to consider plans to move Britain’s clocks forward by an hour all-year round.

English MPs want the Prime Minister to introduce British Summer Time throughout the year to give families one hour more of daylight in the evenings.

But most Scots are firmly opposed as they fear children would travel to school in darker mornings throughout much of the winter, risking more traffic accidents. Tourism chiefs south of the Border back the move to bring Britain into line with most of continental Europe, saying it would boost the leisure industry."
So you're fully supporting on one side of the border something which is sparking "fury" on the other? Of course you are. Like I said, I'm not surprised. In fact I'd be disappointed if you weren't.

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suw said...

So where are they getting this extra hour of daylight from? We're suddenly going to be slowing the earth down to allow for a 25 hour day? ;)