if Inception was gender reversed

Film I've had Karie and John's posts about recasting Inception under other conditions knocking around in my brain for a few days. They've conspired to produce a new cast list of what the film would be looked like in 2001. I'd agree with almost everything, except I still think Tom Beringer would be there. Oh and Audrey Tattou instead of Marion Cotillard.

Taking a leaf out of the Bechdel Test, I wondered what the cast would look like if Inception was gender reversed. As you'd imagine this is somewhat harder.

Angelina Jolie plays Cobb. *
Rosario Dawson steps in for Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Arthur (or Gwen) **
Romain Duris replaces Marion Cotillard.
Michelle Yeoh as Saito, in place of Ken Watanabe.
Michael Cera as Ariadne (or Adrian). ***
Hermione Norris replaces Tom Hardy as Eames (Emma).
Rachel Weisz instead of Cillian Murphy as Roberta Fischer.
Demi Moore in place of Tom Berenger as Browning.
Parminda Nagra replacing Dileep Rao

Some notes:

* Honestly, I agonised about this, but in truth there isn't another actress of DiCaprio's stature known for action and acting.
** I didn't agonise over this
*** Ariadne is in awe of Cobb in the film and though I know this is jokey and easy I can imagine what these scenes would be like.

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