Film That's Inception slash fiction. What were they like at private school?
"Arthur doesn’t tell anyone else about Eames. He doesn’t witness anything like it again anyway, even after he starts hanging out in Eames’s room on occasion. Dom’s been spending more and more time with Mal and Ariadne has started an architecture club, so Eames is pretty much the only person around that Arthur sees on a regular basis. He doesn’t really have a choice in the matter but even if he did, he acknowledges that the outcome would probably be the same.

The Fall dance and the end of the semester are both coming up, the combination of which makes all the students quietly go crazy. Arthur kicks it into high gear and takes full advantage of the new later library hours. He sucks down coffee like a mad man and only eats when Eames sneaks him sandwiches from his backpack.

Eames even being in the library is a fairly novel turn of events. Once, Arthur looks at Eames’s book selections when he’s off in the bathroom and sees titles ranging anywhere from Psychopharmacology to Whirlwind: The Air War Against Japan to Eat, Pray, Love."
Not safe for work. Or anywhere else to be honest.

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