an air traffic control tower with arms

That Day I've been catching up on my reading. A couple of weeks ago I audited all the books on my shelves and made four piles. Books read that I wanted to keep, books read to go, books unread and books unread that I decided I didn't want to.  I discovered, as a result of the exercise, that I actually owned more books that I hadn't read than otherwise. So after rationalising everything I created a backlog to work through, generally in no particular order, leading to this rather murky art project:

I'm working through the oversized volumes first and have discovered that Klimt was a rascal by most accounts, that one of the original concepts for a moon suit looked like an air traffic control tower with arms, Samuel L Jackson's favourite film in 1995 was What's New Pussycat and that Uma Thurman once dodged a early career bullet (pity about the many that hit her later on).  I've also finally finished this Doctor Who novel.  What's next?  Ah, Dr. Fegg's Encyclopeadia of All World Knowledge.  My education continues.

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