we could talk @Paul_Cornell into giving us some more from the Shalka Doctor?

Books The Liverpool Echo's Live Read 2011 live chat with Stephen Baxter happened yesterday and I inevitably asked a question, two in fact, as you can see from this exchange. And yes, I know, me and my one track mind:
Hi Stephen. I was just wondering what happened to the Doctor Who audio you were writing for Big Finish. Is that still happening?

Stephen Baxter:
Sadly no. This would have featured Colin Baker. They liked the script but everything changed for Big Finish when the new Who took off, and I got canned! But I used the idea in a (non-Who) story called Project Hades in Asimov's SF Magazine. Also I'm doing a Who novel! Out in 2012, featuring the 2nd Doctor. Always my favourite.

Wow. If I'm allowed a follow up, is this a one off or are BBC Books beginning a whole new range of past Doctor novels?

Stephen Baxter:
I believe it's a whole range featuring the old Docs and written by the likes of me - but I'm not sure who else is involved.
So there we have it. One of the reasons the BBC withdrew the book license from Big Finish was because they're launch some new range of Past Doctor novels and it with some prestigious authors at the helm, or whoever he means by "the likes of me".  Despite my initial excitement, this isn't a scoop, Baxter has mentioned this before in interviews in places like SFX Magazine.

Nevertheless it does open up the intriguing prospect as to what BBC Books now consider old Docs and if as I hope this means Eighth, Ninth and Tenth.  Ninth's tenure was so short he barely generated a couple of dozen stories in total including the tv episodes and it'll be interesting to see how they deal with Eighth, if we'll have stories set in the old BBC Books run or something totally new.  I expect the latter.

What about tone?  My assumption would be that they'll skew toward something similar to the recent Michael Moorcock number, for the slightly older reader but not with much that would worry kids who are interested in reading about the adventures of the weird looking men who keep flashing up in the Moffat era.  Or I don't suppose there's any chance we could talk @Paul_Cornell into giving us some more from the Shalka Doctor?

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