Any Douglas Adams fans reading should sit down now.

Radio Another Ariel article surveys the soft launch of BBC Four Extra with Mary Kalemkerian, head of programmes. Any Douglas Adams fans reading should sit down now. Oh, you already are:
"I would love to broadcast Lord of the Rings, [run on Radio 4 in 1981] but there are rights issues. We keep plugging away, and hope the situation changes. I'd love to re-run Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, but Disney holds the rights."
Wait, so when Disney bought the rights to Hitchhikers and made the mostly rubbish film they also tied up ownership of the radio series, which "we" paid for through the license fee, so that it couldn't be rebroadcast on the originating network?


  1. Lucky I was sitting down. This doesn't seem right.

  2. No it doesn't, but apparently I may have got the wrong end of the stick or there's an ambiguity to her quote. I'm awaiting an explanation from a friend.