Rachel McAdams is playing Mia.

Film The trailer for Woody's next film, Midnight in Paris, the one with Carla Bruni, is online:

Some notes:

(1) There aren't a lot of laughs which suggests that either it really isn't a comedy and the trailer producers are pretending it is, or there aren't a lot of laughs.
(2) Owen Wilson is playing Woody. Rachel McAdams is playing Mia. Michael Sheen is playing Tony Roberts.
(3) Michael Sheen's beard. Michael Sheen's accent.
(4) Like Vicki Cristina Barcelona and Scoop, he's wisely decided to tackle Paris from an outsider's perspective. If only all the London films had been that way.
(5) Whatever Wilson is up to late at night must be the one important surprise in the film, so congratulations to the trailer editor for not being gratuitous and just showing glimpses.
(6) Marion Cottilard will presumably be the manic pixie dream girl.
(7) Despite the colour it also has a Shadows and Fog vibe, of mysterious excitement after dark. Kathy Bates is back from that earlier film.
(8) Unusually his 2012 film isn't listed as being in preproduction on the imdb yet - I remember Midnight in Paris having a title by this time last year. Hmm.

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