"There have been some cultural adjustments."

People Has it really been five years since Claire Danes graced the cover of The Guardian? Then she was publicising The Family Stone and Shop Girl, but since then she's not been particularly visible, mostly publicising paint, that sort of thing.  She's back in The Guardian today talking about what happened and it seems to amount to marrying Hugh Dancy (something which I missed entirely):
"Dancy is from a family of academics which, Danes says, she felt instantly comfortable with – she did two years at Yale before dropping out to return to acting. (The most valuable lesson she learned while there was "how to hang out with kids my age, which I had not been able to do in high school".) There have been some cultural adjustments. Like a lot of Americans, when Danes went to London she struggled with the drinking culture. "It took me a while to build my tolerance. It was a little startling at first. I was like, wow, you just sit in one place and drink, for seven consecutive hours, without doing anything else – you don't even eat."
... or something.  The spirit of Angela Chase won't ever leave her will it?

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