there must be a couple

Commerce Subway have sponsored special issues of Justice League to insert into the middle of DC Comics, a kind of extended version of the Twinkie adverts that appeared in the 1980s (frustrating British kids because they didn't exist here). Needless to say, it's awful, as Bleeding Cool enunciates:
"Look at that, written by B Clay Moore as well. Okay, I have no idea who these sports people are, but I presume Sergio Sandoval got a good likeness. So how cloying are the references to Subway going to be? Well, as long as they don’t have chracters spouting words that actually sound like they come from a marketing strategy document, we should be okay…"
The Aquaman section is amazing. In our darkness moments, we Who fans might have to entertain the notion that Dimensions in Time is canon, but how are fans of Aquaman (there must be a couple) have to deal with this indignity?

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