"a Victorian lesbian crimefighter"

TV Remember the dozen jokes in as many reviews of Doctor Who's A Good Man Goes To War that Vastra the Silurian and Jenny seem designed for fan fiction? Just one week later ...
"Grimlight was born when the sixth season mid-season finale "A Good Man Goes To War" aired on television. Not only was the episode brilliant in its revelations of ongoing plots, it also took the time to introduce some amazing characters, in such a short space of time.

"Two of those characters were Madame Vastra, a Victorian lesbian crimefighter, and Jenny, her sword-wielding Maid. Not only were they funny, interesting, and basically compelling - it felt like I had been watching them for years. I didn't need to be told every single detail about them, because it was like I already knew their lives."
The writer has already posted a teaser and it's genuinely funny, both characters sounding just right. They're developing it into something in the style of Conan Doyle but with an alien threat.  It's also being properly researched and steeped in Victoriana.  This isn't simple-minded slash.  Features David Mitchell as Parker, which is just perfect [via].

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