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Film As many of you will know the recent fire at the Sony distribution and manufacturing centre (the causes of which ... no that's for another time) destroyed the entire stock of a number of independent music and film companies. Third Window distribute a small number of Japanese films in the UK, and in a post at Facebook they describe the problem's they'll now be facing in getting their business up and running again:
"First off, we found out that all of our stock was insured which of course is great, but doesn't come close to solving the problem of continuing again as normal. While all of our stock was insured it was only around 19,000 units which were damaged, but minimum orders on all dvds and blu-rays are 1,000 units each. This means that if we wanted to make our whole catalogue available again we would need to replicate 32,000 units. We will receive credit for 19,000 units of replication (though yet unsure as to how such costs of things like expensive blu-ray original glass master costs will come into play) yet cannot afford to cover the costs of the other 13,000 for now. This would essentially mean that for now at least we will have many titles that we won't be able to manufacture for a while, if we even could...."
That companies are willing to exist on such tiny margins rather demonstrates the love they have for the films they're distributing.  If you're wishing to support them, I recommend Confessions, Tetsuya Nakashima's brilliantly nasty yet in places stunning beautiful teen drama cum revenge thriller, a study of disaffected youth and wanton destruction [via Bleeding Cool who also have a list of other film companies effected and ways to help them too].

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