"meeting artists and gallerists"

Liverpool Life Sad but understandable times as Ian and Minako scale back Art In Liverpool the kind of amazing project that would take over your life. They've spoken to Seven Streets about their decision:
"It has taken up most of our time, nearly all day – every day in some way or other but that was not a problem as we enjoy it. We’ve learned that as well as online presence, attending events and meeting artists and gallerists is important to have face-to-face communication. Fortunately artists generally are really nice people and they are inspiring, we feel more at home in the artworld than anywhere else."
Art In Liverpool's contribution to the local arts scene has been incalculable. offering a focal point for artists and those of who like what they do.  It certainly made me more engaged and led to a number of amazing experiences.  So I'd like to offer my personal thanks to Ian and Minako.

The press release offers more detail and a list of websites offering similar services. There's also m'LiverpoolBlogs with its Twitter feed, though obviously that project's focus is somewhat wider and more diffuse.

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