"the odd "very special episode" but"

TV Sarah Hughes of The Guardian offers a nice piece about My So-Called Life which underscores that its brilliance was in its lack of sensationalism:
"The plotlines too were refreshingly ordinary. Yes, there was the odd "very special episode" but generally the point of My So-Called Life was that it dealt not with the big issues but with the small ones: will that unobtainable boy ever notice you? What happens when you ditch your best friend? Can you get away with lying to your mum and dad about what you're getting up to at night? Most of all is there any problem that can't be solved by purchasing a pair of Dr Martens boots and dying your hair bright red?"
She also offers the nice implication that Brian Krakow could grow up to be Mark Zuckerberg. I quite like the idea that The Social Network is a secret sequel.

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