"a blend of live action footage and R-rated animation"

Film And we're back to the well ...
"A division of SModCo, SModcast Pictures covers the visual spectrum of S.I.R. and SModcast.com. Their forthcoming releases include the unscripted series COMIC BOOK MEN for AMC, and JAY & SILENT BOB’S SUPER GROOVY CARTOON MOVIE, a blend of live action footage and R-rated animation. SModcast Pictures also produces the SMODCO CARTOON SHOW – a monthly series that animates audio from various SModcast.com podcasts."
My interest in Smith's work has decreased the further he's moved away from the "Askewniverse" into the podcasts and everything else (see my old Zack and Miri review), none of it really having the same mix of warmth and cynicism so this is welcome.  Unless they're just being used a vehicle for something else, in which case it isn't.  Snoogans.

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