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About Some notes on Liverpool Blogs which I'm posting here because ironically by design the Liverpool Blogs page doesn't have a blog any more:

(1) The Liverpool Blogs page is essentially parked right now. Due to a bug in the "Blog list" widget which powers the main section which doesn't allow one to save changes, I can't add or delete items including one in particular which looks to have been hijacked and has become a spam blog.

It is a known problem and users are shouting about it so it sounds like its to be a waiting game.  My understanding is though that the staff was thinned out recently (not that I can find a reference) and so with all the attention on geographic URL redirects/migrations, it may take a while for this to be attended to.

An alternative would be migrate from blogspot, but the page as it stands just works (when it works) and acts as a way of driving traffic I think, thanks to the Google ranking it has on such searches as "liverpool blogs".  If anyone is willing to publicise it and the twitter feed ...

(2)  But I am still adding new blogs to the @liverpoolblogs twitter feed and deleting when necessary, including the above spam blog and a Devon food blog which had crept in their when I was adding participants from the Liverpool Food Festival which was adding over three hundred links a week.

For that I have no excuse.  My memory is that I'd picked up a business card which has a local address on.  It's lucky that someone brought it to my attention.  I just simply hadn't noticed because of the number of feeds I follow on twitter and they'd become mixed in with everything else.

(3)  Some questions.  Does Liverpool Blogs work?  Is it still useful?  Does the fact that it's almost impossible to keep up with the number of blogs out there so that it's perpetually out of date diminish its usefulness?  Do you know of any blogs you think should be on there?

That's it.

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