He looks familiar.

TV Friday night's episode of The Culture Show featured an interview with Zach Braff on the occasion of his new play All New People, half the cast of which have been in Doctor Who. Susannah Fielding was Lilian in Victory of the Daleks and of course Eve Myles plays Gwen Cooper. In this she's sporting some excellent hipster Ariel glasses.

Later in the programme there was a piece about the free art movement with various artists placing their work on trees and railings on a chilly Southbank in London and then timing how long it takes for people to help themselves.  Cue many shots of people stopping to have a glance but ultimately walking on for an infinite number of reasons.

But wait, who's this gentleman in a warm looking overcoat.  He looks familiar.  No it can't be.

After the candid camera like fun's over, some of the non-participants are pulled aside and asked why they didn't walk off with a masterpiece.  It's that man again.

Yes, it is.  It's Rob Shearman, writer of the nuWho Dalek episode, Dalek and a myriad audio dramas including seminal classic The Chimes at Midnight.  Amazing.  In old currency, this would be like Robert Holmes turning up on Nationwide in a piece about the rise of the supermarkets on the high street.

Some of Rob's best contributions to added value sections of Who dvds have been in explaining story connections with real world events, and so typically here he is noting how coincidentally the paintings have "Take me I'm yours" pinned to them and he happened to be listening to the Squeeze track with the same name on his iPod as he was passing by.

Just to confirm it wasn't a doppleganger ...
For background, here's me reviewing his Scherzo about ten years ago.

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